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    Our Environmental Promise

    Based on third-party life cycle analysis for our COSMOSTM Solution dyed rPET fabric
    • -58% CO? emitted

      -58% CO? emitted

    • -87% water use

      -87% water use

    • -99% virgin oil use

      -99% virgin oil use

    How It Works

    Waste PET bottles rebirthed through our water-free dope dyeing process
    • Collect used plastic bottles

      Collect used plastic bottles

    •  Clean and shred into PET flakes

      Clean and shred into PET flakes

    • Melt at high temperature and add color formulation

      Melt at high temperature and add color formulation

    •  Spin into yarn

      Spin into yarn

    •  Weave into fabric

      Weave into fabric

    • Create recycled products!

      Create recycled products!

    Our Products

    Use Our Products To Make

    Our Contribution Since 2004

    Every bottle we process saves an average of 63 g of carbon dioxide, 16 mL of petroleum, and 2.7 L of water*. *Source
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      Recycling plastic bottles(Pcs)

    • contribute_cell_hd

      CO2 emission reduction(kgs)

    • contribute_cell_hd

      Saving oil(Tons)

    • contribute_cell_hd

      Saving water resources(Tons)

    Our Certifications

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    Contact Us

    For questions about our products or company, please fill out this form and a member of our team will get in touch!